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High-quality Czech all-lacquered MILLENIUM LITE doors, which we offer for the same price in 4 colours, are the ideal choice for all those who want to invest in their home smartly. Our doors are manufactured using the latest painting technologies, ensuring that the surface is smooth, compact, durable and easy to maintain. Read about their construction and benefits below. 


Most popular colours for the same price

Luxury all-lacquered interior doors


+ hidden hinges, magnetic lock, sphereless design included

+ state-of-the-art robotic painting 

+ fully painted doors including painted door frames

+ unique door leaf design

+ the most popular 4 colours at the same price 

+ 5 years warranty 

+ door price 20.190 CZK* (incl. VAT)

* Price without handle and installation.

Door leaf size 210x80 cm, frame size (per partition 15 cm), trim joint 45°, matt lacquer.  


State of the art door production

Technological lead and production capacities allow us to realize both individual and large-scale production for development projects. We are one of the most comprehensive and modern furniture manufacturing companies in Europe. Our doors and furniture are made from high quality input materials that are subject to strict quality controls and are resistant to wear and tear. You can also rest assured that you have health-safe furniture at home that does not let harmful substances into your interior.