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HANÁK history


Josef Hanák

Josef Hanák begins manufacturing custom furniture. From the beginning, he does not back away from the quality of workmanship and thus becomes known to the great personalities of his time. He produces furniture, for example, for Tomas Bata's villa in Zlín, thus creating the foundations for the future tradition of the family business.


Renewal of the HANÁK tradition – foundation of the SH Kroměříž company

The son of Josef Hanák, Ing. Stanislav Hanák, his wife Maria and their children launched the company SH Kroměříž. In the beginning, their 500 m2 workshop was primarily used for the production of hall stands, tables and chests of drawers made of solid pine.


We purchase our first CNC machine and increase production by 100%

This year saw the construction of a new facility to house our newly purchased high-gloss varnishing technology, our first CNC milling and drilling machine, and our first large-capacity CNC beam saw. We developed and manufactured our first kitchen model, FLORIDA, and bathroom collection, LUNA, with high-gloss varnish surface finishes.


SH Kroměříž moves to Popůvky

One of the greatest milestones in the history of our company is its relocation to the village of Popůvky near Kojetín, occupying premises with an area of 10,000 m2, with the possibility of continuing to expand production thanks to the excellent location. We introduce soft-forming technology and launch the MELODIE and REMO models on the market. We present new varnished kitchen models such as FONTÁNA, as well as the bathroom models MARIETA and HENRIETA.


We launch the demanding PUR coating process with direct-spraying high gloss in a greater scope

At the MOBITEX trade fair in Brno, we become the first company in the Czech Republic to present high‑gloss varnishing technology, and we launch an iconic kitchen model with fully rounded doors and manually inlaid stained glass: the VERONA kitchen. Other popular models, VIENA and MODENA, are also launched.


Further success at the MOBIS TRADE FAIR

The MOBIS trade fair sets the stage for the presentation of an entire range of new kitchen models, such as PALOMA (pictured) SIMONA, LAGUNA, LAURA, and LINDA; they earn great success and enthusiastic responses from customers and professionals alike.


Rounded profile casing

We become the first in the country to introduce rounded profile casing. Among other things, we expand our selection with the new models BAVORIA (pictured), KLASIC, COMFORT, SONÁTA, SILVIA, and CAPRI.


A new generation of kitchens

We present models with unique new structures and improved kitchen and living room designs, such as the successful DYNAMIC range (pictured), and the kitchen models PATRICIE, AFRODITA, and the ever‑popular PROGRES model.


Construction of new production facilities

We increase our production space by an additional 8,000 m2. At the same time, we expand our kitchen range with the models KLÁRA, MARINA, SONIA, SANDRA, and the iconic and ornate STELA.



An important milestone for the family is the year 2000, when the company became a joint-stock company, expanded its sales network in the Czech Republic and gradually expanded to other foreign markets.


The iconic GALAXIE kitchen

At the turn of the new millennium, we also introduce our iconic GALAXIE kitchen (pictured). The unprecedented shape of this modern varnished kitchen quite astounds both professionals and, above all, the customers in attendance at the MOBITEX trade fair. Also of note are the bathroom furniture ranges CARMEN, NOBLESE, and FANTAZIE. Other kitchen ranges include HARMONIE, ROMANCE, ADRIA, and SABINA.


We introduce a continuous varnishing machine with a large-capacity dryer

Our production halls are expanded by a further 6,000 m2. We improve our varnishing technology and acquire a continuous varnishing machine in order to achieve perfect surfaces for veneered and solid wood furniture.


Further expansion of the production plant

Our production plant grows with the addition of still another hall, which houses a fully automated robotic assembly line. We had already become a leading European manufacturer with state-of-the-art parametrically controlled furniture production, but this cements it.


We open our own Design Centre

Our Design Centre is ceremonially opened in Popůvky, at the time our largest exhibition space and professional training facility, with an area of 2,000 m². We begin manufacturing more furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, closets, and wardrobes. The models ELEGANT, COMPACT, and GALIA are introduced.

2005 - 2006

We increase our production space to 35,000 m2

We become the largest and most modern furniture-producing factory of the time in the Czech Republic, and continue to expand abroad. The PREMIUM model series is introduced.


A modern dual-head robotic varnishing line

We make a major investment and purchase an automated dual head varnishing machine (the first in the Czech Republic) with a fully automated large-capacity drier. Since we care about the environment, we also acquire a high-capacity VOC incinerator. We present the IMPERIAL and OMEGA models.


A fully automated BÜRKLE spray-coating line with UV varnish curing

In order to increase the quality of our varnish, we invest in the purpose of two new spraying lines: one for varnishing surfaces and the other for varnishing edges. This allows us to improve our superior five-layer primer to an even higher quality. We present the PREMIUM model series MONA, LORETA, MILÁNO, ORNELA, NELA, VEGA, and the ever-popular HALINA.



We launch serial production of furniture with heights and widths of 150 mm, which offers infinite variability for interior furnishing and brings maximum comfort to users. The COMFORT model series takes its place among our iconic products.


HANÁK FORUM Prague, our largest showroom

We open our largest department store, HANÁK FORUM, in the Čestlice district of Prague; it features a sales area of 6,000 m². This offers our customers our largest luxury furniture showroom spread throughout all of the building’s three storeys.


Stanislav Hanák, Sr, celebrates a major life milestone

The elder Stanislav Hanák celebrates a major birthday. Even at 70, he continues to be active and puts everything he has into his work.


We launch production of unique HANÁK interior doors

We expand our product range to include interior doors. By this time, we are the only company in the country with such a wide and unique selection of furniture, including our own interior doors. The new models NICE, PORTO, MADAME, FORM, ROYAL, AVIGNON, PRIME, COUNTRY, and STYLE are added to our product portfolio.


We present a new collection of wardrobes

We introduce our widest and most attractive collection of wardrobes to this point. Thanks to their original design and, above all, their superior quality, these wardrobes surpass the most others available on the Czech market.


Revolutionary banding technology – SLIM-LINE

We are the first company in the country to acquire revolutionary SLIM-LINE technology. Using PUR‑TERMOSET edge-banding adhesive, this technology is superior to both the previously used PUR‑TERMOSET edge-banding and the most commonly used EVA adhesive technology in every respect.


New technology – nanovarnishes

We are the first in the country to introduce mass production of veneered and solid wood furniture, including interior doors, finished in a 5% deep matt gloss with acrylic-polyurethane nanovarnish technology.


Further expansion of our product range

We are good at what we do. However, we always want to be one step ahead, which is why we presented a new collection of bathrooms, bedrooms, tables, and all-new and exclusive collection of HANÁK sofas and chairs.



The HANÁK INTERIOR CONCEPT presents the widest selection of furniture and interior doors on the domestic market; it is entirely unrivalled in its scope. Everything is tailor-made and perfectly matched in design and quality.


The 4th generation joins the company

This year, the 4th generation of Ing. Veronika Hanáková and thus continues the family history and tradition. She gradually acquires the experience and skills needed to manage the company and goes through the individual departments.


Success at the FOR ARCH international building trade fair

We design our largest exhibition to date, presenting five global brands: HANÁK, KPP, Elements, Miele, and Brokis. The exhibition is evaluated by an expert panel and we receive the ‘Most Impressive Exhibition’ award for the third year in a row. We also take the opportunity to present new metallic varnishes.


NEW VARNISHING SHOP with a unique air-conditioned and fully automated varnish spraying line and UV varnish curing

Linku jsme spustili do plného provozu v srpnu 2019. Tato na míru vyrobená linka dokáže ve vysoké kvalitě produkovat výrobky v nejvyšší kvalitě pomocí speciálních laků s nano částicemi vytvrzenými UV zářením.



The company is celebrating 30 years since the family tradition was revived. the experience is passed on to the 4th generation of Hanák descendants. However, the main idea remains the same: „We are convinced that quality is the future of our company.“

Ing. Stanislav Hanák


New bedroom collection

Precise workmanship, quality materials and perfect design. All this is combined with the new HANÁK bedroom collection, which offers a wide range of design options, colours and combinations. Everything is subject to the strictest standards with a focus on health safety and the comfort of quality sleep.


New collection of dining and coffee tables

HANÁK dining and coffee tables are perfect solitaires that find their place in any interior. Their identical design and material processing make it possible to fine-tune any living space to perfection. As in all our furniture, the materials and technologies for table production conform to the highest standards.


Largest ever investment into paint shop automation and robotisation and additional state-of-the-art technologies for the production of interior doors

Expansion of the production plant by 4,000 m2. Largest ever investment into paint shop automation and robotisation and additional state-of-the-art technologies for the production of interior doors. Yet another increase in our ability to take on new work.


33 years since the family tradition was re-established, group photo of our employees

On the occasion of our 33rd anniversary, the new paint shop No. 3 provided the ideal location for a group photo of our employees. Some of them have been with the company since the very beginning, and now their children and partners work here as well. 



Introduction of the new HANÁK ERGONOMY 25 series

The introduction of the innovative HANÁK ERGONOMY 25 design solution, which is incorporated into all HANÁK kitchen models and all HANÁK furniture, not only provides more storage space but also fundamentally changes the way we perceive comfort and ergonomics. The new solution also brings many other benefits for your maximum satisfaction and comfort.