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Our newest design solution, HANÁK ERGONOMY 25, which is being incorporated into all HANÁK kitchen models and furniture, not only provides more space but also fundamentally changes the way we perceive comfort and ergonomics. The innovative solution also brings a number of other benefits for your maximum satisfaction.



Main Benefits

Space without compromise

Raised and deeper upper cabinets offer an unimaginable amount of storage space for all your utensils and kitchenware. Forget cluttered cupboards where you can't find anything. With the HANÁK ERGONOMY 25, every plate, bowl or pot is in its place. 

Innovation that shines

Our hood cabinets, with their new design, allow continuous lighting along the entire length of the upper cabinets. This newly created space will not only improve the use of your kitchen, but also bring a new luminous dimension to your cooking. In addition, the hood cabinet offers new storage space for spices, cookbooks and other essentials that are good to have on hand at all times.

More than just a workspace

Lower cabinets with more depth and height don't just mean more storage space. It's a revolution in ergonomics. With the new height of the lower cabinets, we reflect the evolution of human body height and bring you better ergonomics and comfort when cooking. The new length and depth of our drawers means more space for your cooking utensils and at the same time more room for heat dissipation under the induction hob. 

Bigger, better, greener

With the new depth of the technical cabinets, you get more extraction space for your appliances, more economical use and energy savings. With the HANÁK ERGONOMY 25, we go hand in hand with modern technology while keeping an eye on the future and the environment. We also raise the height of technical cabinets. 


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