Comprehensive HANÁK interiors are increasingly sought by customers. They are the current trend, but also the future of the brand.




Interior of the home is not just a picture from the catalog but a colorful creation of the occupant's life, their activities and favorite objects.



New closets and wardrobes 2016

Excellent spatial and structural design, new design models, precise workmanship and high quality.

NEWS 2016


New models PREMIUM

Unique technology - 7-layer UV lacquer / PUR. Winner in resistance and surface quality. New shapes, new decors, new colors and, as always, perfect craftsmanship and machining.

NEWS 2016


Interior doors of the highest quality

Interior doors HANÁK completely change preconceived standards of living.


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Currently we offer only the highest variety of kitchens in PREMIUM collection as well as in TREND collections. Both collections combine a selection of the finest materials, fittings and superior craftsmanship – they differ only by used type of material and surface treatment technologies. More...

Kitchens PREMIUM – they combine mainly surfaces of tribal and exotic veneers and painted surfaces with unique 7layer varnish. TREND product line offers kitchens with timeless modern design, a variety of specially blended colors and highly durable laminates. The selection includes both modern design kitchens and stylish (classic or rustic) kitchens. Kitchens are custom made, no atypical measure is a problem for us. We have dedicated to kitchens production over 25 years, kitchens are the flagship of our offer.


Living rooms HANÁK are stastefully designed in such a way, so they match other furniture in your interior. The uniqueness of the living room furniture lies in the wide assortment of modules, large selection of materials and cutting-edge treatment. More...

Whether you opt for a simple living room wall with several cabinets and a TV panel, which corresponds to the current trends, or prefer more shelving systems (library), everything we can offer. The living room will be tastefully completed with solitaires, which will be corresponding to the rest of the furniture. Living rooms are made in all collections – PREMIUM and TREND.


Interior doors HANÁK – the highest quality in every detail. The HANÁK doors are waterproof and equipped with a magnetic lock and special recessed hinges. Design is united with other HANÁK furniture and allows you to create harmonious interior in a uniform style. More...

Our doors add value to your interior. They become an imaginary piece of furniture and are literally unique – for example the unique design of door wing, doorframe in high gloss, unique design of the doorframe etc. Interior doors are offered in the PREMIUM collection, thus in lacquer or veneer finish. We also offer glass doors and sliding doors – single and also double wing. With our manufacturing capabilities we can offer doors in heights from 1970 mm to 2500 mm. Neither beveled doors in attics or any atypical design is a problem.


Closets and wardrobe parametric systems HANAK offer unlimited opportunities for the organization of your storage space. They are produced in a dazzling array of modular designs and in any height and width. More...

Whether you have a large space that allows you to set up a separate walk-in closet, or you need a smaller built-in or freestanding wardrobe, we have always customized solutions. HANÁK wardrobes, that is not the production of standardized catalog cabinets with dimensional constraints as you are accustomed to. We can produce closet or wardrobe according to the exact dimensions that you order. We have also prepared an almost unlimited range of colors, woods and painted surfaces.

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