Why HANÁK? You can read the facts.

Why HANÁK? You can read the facts.

13. 01. 2017 Novelties

Our long-standing motto is: “Design and quality for generations.” By this motto we express what our furniture is like and what it brings to our customers. We manufacture the furniture in such a way so that it looks great and serves its purpose for many years. Read all the information necessary to compare our list with any other competitor in the Czech Republic or in the world. We are sure that nobody will receive the full number of points as we do.


We choose the best quality materials that are not detrimental to health.

  • We think of your health and for that reason we use materials with the CARB Phase 2 highest certificate.
  • These materials are made from the 100% wood without the waste recyclable content.
  • They contain a 30 times lesser amount of formaldehyde than the ČSN/EN standard rules.
  • The materials have extremely high strength of fitting attachment.

The unique HANÁK INTERIOR CONCEPT. Nobody has so wide and consistent offer as we do.

  • We are the only ones in the Czech Republic who are able to produce interior doors to match our bespoke furniture.
  • The HANÁK INTERIOR CONCEPT represents a perfect harmony of the furniture with interior doors in one design and one quality – all in one brand.
  • The only supplier for everything – we take care of the whole project, from the design plan to the realization and we provide a perfect service.

The unique HANÁK lacquers. Top-quality surfaces are our speciality.

  • 7-layer HANÁK premium both-side lacquer
  • 3-layer HANÁK trend one-side lacquer
  • 100% degree of gloss
  • 100% water resistance
  • health safety – compact enclosed surfaces
  • low temperature resistance
  • hygienic non-porous surfaces
  • temperature resistance in the span of from -35°C up to 500°C
  • UV hardening – high rigidity and higher abrasion resistance


The most advanced technologies in the service of the first-rate furniture.

  • The unique lacquering technology, the most advanced lacquering robot
  • The SLIM-LINE patent technology – the fixed watertight joint preventing humidity and water from penetrating. Minimum layer of glueing and temperature resistance up to 150°C
  • Automated lines for surface UV lacquering
  • Parametric robotic assembly and finishing line
  • Technology machining


The advantages of our carcases.

  • Mechanical robotic glueing
  • Maximum rigidity and carcase resistance
  • Watertight carcase
  • Solid plinth system
  • Shelf arrestment
  • Carcase height of 75 cm
  • Aluminum bottom of sink carcase
  • Special perforated bottom of the tall fridge carcase
Kování BLUM

Fittings. Only the best from Blum company.

  • In our series production we assemble:
  • We offer 3 combinations of movement technologies:
  • In our series production we assemble 4 types of AVENTOS pull-out systems/li>
  • We offer ORGA-LINE and AMBIA-LINE drawer equipment.
  • We offer lifetime warranty.

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