The way we work or and a very cosy renovated one-room flat in a historical centre

The way we work or and a very cosy renovated one-room flat in a historical centre

05. 10. 2016 References

Our customer had a clear idea of what her future renovated flat should look like. It is located in an older residential area in a historical centre of a regional city. We are going to present her home furnished with the HANÁK furniture today in our serial (column “How do we work” with the texts and shows of our architects´ projects in our business network).

“It was a pleasure to cooperate with this customer as she had had clear ideas and demands. As she is an artistically based person, she herself devotes to artistic activities, I was excited by the final appearance of her flat completed with beautiful decorations. The photographer who had documented the project later stated that the flat is worth-presenting in the greatest living magazines.”

We had a few questions on Karolína Macková who is an architect of the showroom HANÁK Interiér Olomouc and who worked on the design and thus knows the interesting things as well as difficulties of the project. “Although the project related to the flat with a small floor space with given restrictions and obstacles from the point of its disposition, we were finally able to cope with everything to maximum satisfaction of our customer. She wished to have white furniture. She preferred having it due to the fact that it could widen the space optically and make it lighter, which corresponded to my visual of the colours and decors recommended for this interior.”. The space of the kitchen has been connected with a small living room. Mrs Macková has solved the demand for sufficient storage space with an atypical shape of the kitchen set of cupboards. “I did my best to use every centimeter of the space meaningfully and with permanent regard to the aesthetic point of view, which I think has been achieved.”


The other room serves as a bedroom and an office with a wardrobe at the same time. “The other room represented for me certain atypical demands, too. The customer wanted to have a small infrasauna in this room. I made a block of wardrobes, which I integrated the required infrasauna into,” explains Mrs Macková the multipurpose and individual bespoke solution to the room. Here you can see the corner with a desk, as first the visual and then the real appearance. The show of the wardrobe and the infrasauna and other interesting photos see in this photo gallery.


At the end of this part of our serial we would like to pay our attention to the small entrance corridor that deserved to be also furnished with some appropriate and harmonized furniture. “The customer required maximum storage space in the corridor, too. I have solved this request by a set of cabinets made to custom. Although they are less deep with regard to the sufficient space for passing through without the sense of restraint, the set of these cabinets has fulfilled our expectations. You can have a look at the visual of the furniture set and at the real photo as well.”


With respect to the restricted floor space, Mrs Macková has confirmed that a plan and design of furniture for small flats can be a real challenge.

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