Patented technology of edge banding SLIM-LINE

Patented technology of edge banding SLIM-LINE

18. 02. 2015 Novelties

We are one giant leap ahead of the competitors! This year, in our production facility in Popuvky u Kojetina, we have put into operation the most modern production assembly equipped with patented edge-banding technology “SLIM-LINE technology”. This new patented technology of banding with PUR-TERMOSET adhesives SLIM-LINE technology surpasses to date used old versions of banding PUR-TERMOSET (application by means of rollers) and of course the most common used technology of banding with EVA adhesive. A firm waterproof link is created, which prevents the entry of atmospheric moisture and water into the carcass of the cabinets. Every furniture piece is banded like this. You will never find a product that has only the exposed (visible) edges banded.


We band these with NEW PATENTED technology SLIM-LINE (PUR-TERMOSET):

  • LDD carcass
  • LDD small doors
  • veneer carcass
  • LDD cuttings + veneer

Testing of water resistance in HANAK laboratories.

We test our products regularly in nonstandard conditions. This is the only way we can check the quality of banded pieces.


New technology SLIM-LINE (PUR TERMOSET) in every parameter surpasses not only standard technology of banding with EVA-TERMOPLAST adhesives or PO-POLYOLEFÍN adhesives, but also classic roller banding PUR-TERMOSET and in some parameters even LASER technology banding. A big advantage of banding with adhesives on the basis of polyurethane with new SLIM-LINE technology is that the layer of the adhesive is less than half of what would the layer of other adhesives be and with almost invisible joint (in contrast with older technology of application with PUR roller). Due to this fact not only utility but also aesthetic value of the produced furniture is increased.

The quality is checked in our laboratory once a week, where there are different stress tests carried out. Particularly test of water-resistance, anti-abrasion ability, chemical and thermal resistance etc. Independent check is then performed by furniture testing service of Mendel University. For example stress tests of aging furniture to express 15 years of usage. We have both our own and entirely independent certified quality checks.

Water resistance testing in HANAK laboratory.

Another essential advantage is thermal resistance that reaches up to 150 °C. Yet standard maximum resistance is usually in between 90-120 °C.

We guarantee that HANAK furniture is non-hazardous to health thanks to the certified materials on the basis of solid wood and new edge-banding technology of furniture.

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