Closets and wardrobes

Closets and wardrobes

Closets and wardrobes HANÁK

Perfect arrangement of your things. Practical and aesthetic addition to your interior.


Closets and wardrobes

Free-standing wardrobes along with the elaborate system of open closets and built-in wardrobes are designed to make the most of every space in the interior of your house.

More than 1,500 possibilities

We offer you more than 1,500 types of door designs and endless combinations of materials and colours for all pieces of furniture in these categories: veneer, varnish, laminate and glass with the option of surface design in gloss or matt. Get inspired and have a look at some of them.

Various designs for specific types of furniture are available at our designers.

Varnishes Premiumcollection

HANÁK PREMIUM seven-layer varnish is a synonym for genuine quality, resistance and exclusivity. It lasts for dozens of years and is scratch resistant.

Standard colours – Lacquer gloss / matt

  • BíláBílá polar lesk
  • BílaBíla polar
  • MagnoliaMagnolia lesk
  • MagnoliaMagnolia
  • ChampagneChampagne lesk
  • ChampagneChampagne
  • MoccaMocca lesk
  • MoccaMocca star mat
  • ŠedáŠedá lesk
  • ŠedáŠedá mat

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Possible designs regarding a specific type of furniture are available at our designers.

Natural veneer Premiumcollection

  • DubDub americký přírodní
  • DubDub americký OLD
  • DubDub americký šedý
  • DubDub americký hnědý
  • DubDub americký carbon

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Various designs for specific types of furniture are available at our designers.

Laminates Trendcollection

Wood decors

  • WhiteWhite wood
  • DubDub selský světlý
  • DubDub selský světlý
  • DubDub rustikal přírodní
  • OřechOřech corte
  • OřechOřech Arezzo
  • DubDub rustikal hnědý
  • CarbonCarbon wood
  • DubDub carbon

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Equipment & ergonomics of closets and wardrobes

Closets and wardrobes for organizing your life


Every home needs adequate storage space for the actual clothing of its inhabitants as well as for other household equipment that must be organized and stored somewhere. This function is fulfilled by wardrobe cabinets, saparate wardrobes and other storage systems.

There are these types of wardrobes:

  • free-standing wardrobes
  • built-in wardrobes

The choice is limited only by space.

Wardrobes are available with sliding or side-hung doors. Door panels are available in surface finish of veneer, varnish, LTD, mirror and colourful glass.
The front area of built-in wardrobes does not have to be necessarily in one decor; you can choose mirror, colourful glass or natural materials.

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Nowadays, there is a wide choice of handles both trendy and stylish. The handle you choose should correspond with the whole design of the wardrobe. Handles can be large and dominant, or unobtrusive.

Some wardrobes can be fitted with elegant milled handles where the inner area can be veneered or varnished.

More information about handles

Inner fittings

Are you thinking of installing something in your wardrobe to make it more practical? Do you need a special hanger for trousers or ties? If yes, just go for it! But the most important part of your wardrobe are quality drawers, shelves and wardrobe bars.

You can also take advantage of sliding and rotating hangers with easy access. Meanwhile, items that you use only seldom can be placed in boxes on a less accessible shelf.

More information about fittings

Your interior will be awesome

Come and visit our professional network of kitchen studios HANÁK.

  • Quality is not just a presentation and certificates, but is mainly about the technologies, materials, fair trade and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. Be interested in the actual quality of the product and the declared parameters.

  • We are professionals in our field. You will meet only with trained planners, architects and designers, who will give you always only good advice. Visualization and price offers are prepared well and quickly.

  • Do you need advice? Visit our studio, we will create the best ergonomic and aesthetic design of the interior for you.

Visit kitchen studios HANÁK

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