How does Beáta Rajská, a fashion designer, live with the HANÁK furniture?

How does Beáta Rajská, a fashion designer, live with the HANÁK furniture?

14. 11. 2016 Novelties

In the list of our customers there are some famous and well-known persons from time to time. Such a customer is Beáta Rajská, a fashion designer who has become the icon of the Czech fashion design. Mrs Rajská gave a talk to us and revealed how she enjoys her living in a new house in Vysočina and what she likes most about her newly equipped interior.

Mrs Rajská, what was your reason of choosing the HANÁK furniture into your new house?
“Due to my previous experience with the HANÁK furniture, my choice was clear. I was suggested this brand by Mrs Galušková at the Gallpro showroom in Žďár nad Sázavou ten years ago. In that time we equipped our apartment in Prague and we needed to have everything in a short time and in high quality. There are kitchen unit, living room set, bathrooms and HANÁK bedroom as well in our apartment. So if you are satisfied with something, you do not change. We went to Kojetín near Popůvky again and met Mr Hanák Junior and his wife. We spent a nice time together (Mr Hanák suffered from a high temperature) and then Mr Havránek who is an architect at HANÁK was at our disposal.”


Did you have any idea just from the beginning about the style and materials or did you let yourself be influenced by the offer or solutions provided by the architect?
“When it comes to the materials and colour tints, we let ourselves be influenced at the very first visit. First I made a sketch of what my idea was like, what I wanted and needed and Mr Havránek with my husband achieved to complete my proposals successfully with attention to detail. Actually, I was “boasting” of the new wardrobes and everything from HANÁK to my friends. Now seriously. I am really excited. I came with some ideas and Mr Havránek altered them into the drawings that were consequently turned into reality by the craftsmen at HANÁK.”

“You know, I appreciate craft. I appreciate people who can make something thoroughly and if the result of their effort looks beautiful and everything is elaborated to every possible detail such as if there are no edges which the most gentle pair of nylons of silk would snag on.”


id you have to solve any difficulties with the architect or look for any compromises? If so, what they were like?
“The solutions lay on him. My only work was to measure the heights of the shoe boxes and the lengths of the jackets and coats so that they could be stored comfortably into the wardrobes. But anyway I made a mistake when measuring the jacket and anorak lengths of my younger son who is 197 cm tall and so I was forced to reorganize the given storage so that his clothes are not crumpled. Nevertheless, the two wardrobes we have are wonderful. Sometimes I am just enjoying the look at the wardrobes for a few seconds.”


What piece of the furniture do you like most and why?
“In fact, I like all of them. However, besides the mentioned wardrobes my favourite is the bookcase. Although I measured the heights of the bookshelves, the problem appeared as I had forgotten to take into account the weight of the encyclopedias and books about fashion I have plenty of them so the bookcase had to be firmed finally.”


As we can see in the photos, you are keen on antique furniture. Do you have a personal relationship to any of these pieces of the furniture? What does the connection of old with new mean for you?
“Since we wanted to take these antique pieces of furniture from our former home, we needed to have the new furniture with sleek lines in design. That was also the intention. I prefer neat design as well as things with a soul and history. Simply said, the TONET chair which my grandfather used to sit on I like having at sight.”


If you should recommend the HANÁK brand, what 3 reasons come into your mind?
“The precise craftsmanship, a modern design and impeccable materials with technologically elaborated details. These are perhaps four reason, no matter of their order.”

When choosing your new furniture at the Design Centrum in Popůvky, near Kojetín, was there anything that drew your attention even though you would not purchase it into your home?
“Yes, it was the furniture in the Colonial style.”


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