Furnish your living room

The living room is usually the largest room in the house or flat. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is its centre. It reflects our personality and presents our lifestyle, tastes and interests. How this area is used depends on each of us. It can be an active place where we meet our guests, listen to music together or watch the latest films. Or it can be a peaceful place where we relax with a book after a hard day’s work.



In the living room you can have a taller living room unit which will ensure enough storage space, a low set of cabinets, a bookshelf, open airy shelves or solitaire chest of drawers, a cabinet with a bar and a coffee table. It depends on your needs and taste.

Accessories and decorations

To make the room more homey and cosy, furnish it with various decorations. It can be a statuette from your foreign vacation, a favourite picture or family photographs. These are the items which you like and which create a unique environment where you feel good.



These days there are a virutally limitless number of style combinations. It can be a piece of furniture, a designer sofa, designer lamp, large vase or statuette. You can get one or two pieces in different designs for your living room, which will create an interesting and stylish atmosphere.



Cushions, blankets or footstools are features of living rooms that you really live in. It is interesting to combine cushions of various sizes and types. Choose those that are soft to the touch and make your interior feel fresh.



Usually one large carpet is placed under the settee and coffee table, but there can also be some additional rugs. A rug is not only practical, but also tastefully complements your interior.



There is usually one central light which is complemented with large standing lamps or pointing lights. A lamp, a wall light and chandelier will help create a pleasant atmosphere.



Put some pictures or photographs on the walls and pay attention to the right height. A suitable choice is either groups of pictures with the same topic, or one large picture.



Plants in the living room attract active energy. If you wish to make the atmosphere in the living room more lively, just place some plants there. Plants and flowers bring freshness and harmony.

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