Video: 30 years of premium quality

We would like to prove our quality, and the best way to do so is to compare our products with those of our competitors. Below we present a comparison and explain why you should choose our furniture:


Kuchyně Hanák v béžovém laku.

HANÁK NÁBYTEK, a.s. is the only manufacturer in the Czech Republic that manufactures a complete assortment for interiors, including interior doors. None of our competitors has such a comprehensive offer. You can take a look at some of our interior projects to get an idea of the range and practically unlimited possibilities of our production. Not only kitchens, but also dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, closets and wardrobes, furniture for studies, bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, entrance halls and more.

2 │ Individual and atypical production


Our parametric production has unlimited possibilities, whereas our competitors usually offer only standardized dimensions. We can accept any customer’s request for atypical dimensions which we are able to make exactly to measure, down to the millimetre, thanks to our parametric production.

3 │ Quality guarantee and safety of materials

hanák vysoká kvalita vstupního materiálu

We guarantee that we will never decrease our requirements for high-quality material. All the materials that we use are certified and their quality is under permanent inspection. At a time when suppliers of large-scale material are decreasing quality due to pressure from customers, the material for HANÁK NÁBYTEK, a.s. is made with the required features which are specially marked and supplied in the form of a product designated only for our company.

These materials are also certified according to the CARB Phase 2 system, which ensures that chipboard furniture boards supplied to us have half as much formaldehyde glue as the standard boards used by our competitors. The advantages of this are 100% harmlessness to health, maximum firmness and resistance, elimination of shelf bending and extremely high firmness of anchoring construction metal fittings.

4 │ Hi-tech technology and excellent craftsmanship

Nejnovější technologie v HANÁK nábytek

In terms of technology we are one of the best equipped furniture manufacturing companies in Europe. We use cutting-edge technology in the process of varnishing and veneering as well as in other manufacturing processes. At the same time we emphasize traditional craftsmanship. Our company therefore employs a number of experts who have devoted their lives to precise craftsmanship in this field.

5 │ Warranty and post-warranty service

Originální certifikát ke kuchyni hanák

All our products are covered by an above-standard five-year warranty, which is one of our main competitive advantages. As we are the genuine manufacturers, we are able to make additional furniture even after five or ten years in the same design to complement the furniture that was previously bought. We are even able to make obsolete models.

6 │ Long life of the furniture

Moderní kuchyně hanák ve šedém laku vysokém lesku

Thanks to the certified quality, unique features and quality inner components (metal fittings, pull-outs, etc.), we significantly prolong the life and utility value of our furniture, and this is a strong argument at a time when the market is overloaded with products of limited quality and utility value. Therefore, we can guarantee that in our company you will not buy furniture that will last only two, five or 10 years, but instead high-quality durable furniture that will last a whole lifetime.

7 │ HANÁK Interior doors

Luxusní interiérové dveře hanák v kmenovém makasaru

There is no other furniture manufacturer in the Czech Republic who produces interior doors.The door producers on the Czech market specialize only in doors and related products and do not sell furniture. We are unique in this regard and have no competition. Our interior doors are an exclusive product without comparison on the local market.

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