PRIME kitchen

PRIME kitchen

An elegant kitchen with clean contours and a hint of luxury offers, among other things, various clever solutions for storage. Why not treat yourself to an PRIME kitchen?

Depicted design:
white orion varnish - high gloss
/ walnut corte laminate

This kitchen is also available in other colours and materials.


Beautiful and practical

these are the features of this modern kitchen.
The popular fusion of wood decor and varnish is both modern and timeless.


Connect the kitchen to the living room

and the result will be perfect. Both spaces connected in one
is very trendy. Tone-on-tone. Your friends will definitely envy your compact unit.


Like a puzzle

your dream kitchen can be fit with a dining table or coffee table from the HANÁK range. Put your home together like a puzzle where all the segments fit perfectly.


Hanging system:
an excellent helper

you will definitely appreciate a practical and minimalistic hanging system for wall panelling, which offers a wide range of accessories as well as storage spaces for all your kitchen utensils.

More than 1,500 possibilities

We offer you more than 1,500 types of door designs and endless combinations of materials and colours for all pieces of furniture in five categories: veneer, varnish, laminate, glass and foil with the option of surface design in gloss or matt. Get inspired and have a look at some of them.

Various designs for specific types of furniture are available at our designers.

Varnishes Premiumcollection

HANÁK PREMIUM seven-layer varnish is a synonym for genuine quality, resistance and exclusivity. It lasts for dozens of years and is scratch resistant.

  • BíláBílá polar
  • BíláBílá antik
  • BíláBílá patina
  • MagnoliaMagnolia
  • KrémováKrémová star
  • ChampagneChampagne
  • ŠtěrkověŠtěrkově hnědá
  • DarkDark Ivory
  • ČernáČerná


Varnishes Trendcollection

  • BíláBílá orion
  • MagnoliaMagnolia
  • ChampagneChampagne
  • MoccaMocca
  • AntracitAntracit star

Display the entire offer of varnishes

Various designs for specific types of furniture are available at our designers.

Laminates Trendcollection

  • BíláBílá
  • BíláBílá brilliant
  • MagnoliaMagnolia
  • ChampagneChampagne
  • SvětleSvětle šedá
  • HliníkHliník
  • AntracitAntracit lesk
  • MoccaMocca
  • ČernáČerná lesk
  • MacchiatoMacchiato lesk
  • BřidlicověBřidlicově šedá lesk
  • SvětleSvětle šedá lesk
  • SlonováSlonová kost lesk
  • SněhověSněhově bílá lesk
  • DubDub chamonix
  • DubDub nagano
  • DubDub zlatý
  • OřechOřech corte
  • DubDub arabica
  • DubDub selsky světlý
  • BukBuk tobacco
  • DubDub rustikal tmavý
  • CherryCherry piemont
  • OregonskáOregonská borovice
  • DubDub carbon
  • MayskáMayská bronz

Display the entire offer of laminates

Specific designs and other options are available at our designers.


The worktop is a very important part of every kitchen. You can choose from our wide range of materials and colours.

  • Laminate
  • Artificial stone
  • Technistone / Silestone
  • Ceramic
  • Granite
  • PDPD A 126
  • PDPD T 1059
  • PDPD S 8327
  • PDPD F 2204
  • PDPD S 389
  • PDPD S 030
  • PDPD S 218
  • PDPD F 4750
  • PDPD A 566
  • PDPD S 237
  • PDPD P 105
  • SS 9097 / NOVINKA pouze zástěna
  • PDPD A 3325 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD T 5044
  • PDPD A 3347 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD T 5063
  • PDPD T 5056
  • PDPD A 3397 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD T 5112
  • PDPD A 794
  • PDPD S 6181
  • PDPD A 300
  • PDPD S 033
  • PDPD S 6177
  • PDPD T 5125
  • PDPD T 5126
  • PDPD T 1049
  • PDPD S 164
  • PDPD B 041 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD A 3398 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD B 134 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD W 172 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD S 122
  • PDPD T 4019
  • PDPD A 4586 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD M 6194
  • PDPD M 4822
  • PDPD A 4526 / NOVINKA
  • PDPD T 3137
  • PDPD T 3120
  • PDPD M 9275
  • PDPD T 3144
  • PDPD M 6156
  • PDPD U A330

Display more worktops

Possible designs regarding a specific type of furniture are available at our designers.


  • BíláBílá hladká
  • BíláBílá brilliant
  • MagnoliaMagnolia hladká
  • ChampagneChampagne
  • SvětleSvětle šedá
  • HliníkHliník
  • MoccaMocca
  • AntracitAntracit
  • DubDub chamonix
  • DubDub nagano
  • DubDub zlatý
  • OřechOřech corte
  • BukBuk tobacco
  • DubDub arabica
  • DubDub carbon

Display the entire offer of corpuses

Equipment & ergonomy of kitchen

The kitchen, which saves your time and your body


Do you have trouble in your current kitchen, that when working, you need to constantly move from place to place to get to everything you need? It’s a bit of a “problem” of the past, when manufactures and designers of kitchens forgot proper ergonomics – that is the correct layout of typical zones within the room so that everything is logically and conveniently at hand.

A properly planned kitchen saves you time! Through planning of individual zones can be achieved meaningful layout that will help you work and preparation of food becomes more fun and pleasure!

There are five such zones, which is good to think about:

  • Place for stocks
  • Storage space for kitchenware
  • Place for washing
  • Place for preparation
  • Place for cooking

There are patterns for proper ergonomics depending on the size and type of kitchen. Check them out here:

More information about ergonomy

Tilt-out cabinets

The upper cabinets are fitted with first-rate tilt-out doors produced by BLUM. You can choose the type that will ergonomically best fit your kitchen.

    Aventos HL single-piece front glides up parallelly.
    Aventos HS single-piece front leans over the main body.
    Aventos HF – double-piece front with bi-fold lift system.
    In Aventos HK tiltable doors the single-piece front glides up.
    Aventos HK-S is designed preferably for small tilt-out cabinets.

More information about tilt-out cabinets


For our drawers we have chosen the best from the BLUM company.

Elegant Box system LEGRABOX which has won many international awards. It will impress you with its simple and slim design, elegant sideboards, comfortable running system and with load-bearing capacity of 40 kg and 70 kg.

LEGRABOX is available in three combinations of movement technology:

  • BLUMOTION – smooth running and silent closing
  • SERVO-DRIVE – electric touch control
  • TIP-ON – manual touch control

More information

Inner fittings

You can make working in the kitchen more pleasant by using various gadgets which we offer with our inner fittings. There are plenty of large and small gadgets which you will appreciate. You might not even have heard of some of them yet!

  • Hanging systems
  • Pull-out dividers
  • Wooden drawer organizers
  • Lighting
  • Servo-drive drawers and pull-outs
  • Orgaline
  • And others …

Tips for your new kitchen

Your interior will be awesome

Come and visit our professional network of kitchen studios HANÁK.

  • Quality is not just a presentation and certificates, but is mainly about the technologies, materials, fair trade and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. Be interested in the actual quality of the product and the declared parameters.

  • We are professionals in our field. You will meet only with trained planners, architects and designers, who will give you always only good advice. Visualization and price offers are prepared well and quickly.

  • Do you need advice? Visit our studio, we will create the best ergonomic and aesthetic design of the interior for you.

Visit kitchen studios HANÁK

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